We connect through our stories. Connection is the foundation of the coaching relationship. It is from this place we can create trust, forward movement, inspired action and results.
— Liv

Here's my story...

Let’s get real, crying in a storage closet at work was not what I had in mind as a child when I wrote my response to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Feeling exhausted, anxious, burnt out and hopeless; nope, these words weren’t even in my vocabulary.

How did I get here?

How did this life become my normal?

As a young girl I imagined a much bigger and brighter life. I imagined happiness; I imagined changing the world, traveling, empowering people to be and create and do whatever their heart’s desired. (Seriously, I didn’t play “house”. I played “adoption agency” and “store”).

How did my life become a whirlwind of trying to survive, trying to find balance and trying to make “just enough money to get by”?

I did everything I was supposed to do, why did I feel like this?

It wasn’t just work that felt off though, there was more. Work was just a piece of the puzzle. Work gave me a reason to be miserable, make unhealthy choices, stay stuck in bad relationships, and stay out until sunrise trying to forget the life that I would have to go back to on Monday morning.

The truth is, I was living out of alignment everywhere. I was living for everyone except myself. I was following everyone’s rules and had taught myself to be quiet and compliant. This was SO NOT ME. Even in kindergarten I had better perspective. I wrote then that my favorite thing to do was “whatever I feel like doing,” and yet somehow, here I was.

I was ignoring myself. I was ignoring my calling. I was ignoring my purpose. You know that little voice in your head that dreams really big? You know that voice that says, “go for it”, before fear stops you in your tracks? I had spent far too long denying what was possible for myself and my soul was in pain. 

I was following the rules. I was staying on the safe path. The path that my parents wanted for me. The path that  my friends were taking.

Be smart, go to college, get a job, get another degree, keep moving up, keep going, pay the loans, find the man, settle down, be happy, be happy, be happy.

Maybe it was safe...but it wasn’t working for me.

My soul was begging for something else. I was begging for something else.

As I sat sobbing in my therapist’s parking lot for what seemed like eternity, I made decisions. I made a lot of decisions in that parking lot, actually. I ended the unhealthy relationship, I moved out, I called my boss. I left a job and a $25,000 bonus right then and there. I had a vision and a calling that I could not ignore any longer.

I wanted to speak to women. I wanted to lead groups. I wanted to teach in a capacity that truly changed the world. I wanted to write. I wanted to be with a man that loved me without condition. I wanted to sit in my home office with French doors that opened to a view of the sea. I wanted pups in my yard and babies pulling at my maxi dress. I wanted connection and I wanted joy.

It was there in that parking lot that I decided that this was my mission. I left for the sea the next morning with my vision, my heart, a pile of self-help books and a few cute bikinis. My life changed.

I started living on purpose from that moment forward. I started acting from love, not fear. Almost instantly my life changed.

I started my business.

I met the man (literally, at the beach that very night).

I adopted the dogs.

I had the baby.

I live by the beach

I cannot discount those moments crying in a storage closet. I cannot discount my multiple degrees or my bad relationships. Without those experiences I would not have been able to figure out what my joy was, what my purpose was.

Divine timing.

Because of those choices, I got back to being. I got back to the essence of who I was born to be and what I was born to create. If it wasn’t for going through hell, I may never have had the opportunity to figure out what this purpose was.

I never dreamed of fancy cars, luxury, or riches as a child. I didn’t spend hours daydreaming about Prince Charming or planning my wedding.

I dreamed about inspiring people. I daydreamed about speaking in front of crowds and sharing messages of hope. I dreamt of helping people. I dreamt of saving dogs. I dreamt of impact.

Through hardship, I was able to reconnect with this drive and this purpose that had been hidden for years as I tried to fit in and follow the rules.

This is what I am here to teach you today:

How to access your joy and your purpose.

How to change your life and change the world.

How to start and grow businesses that matter.

How to increase your income and your impact.

This is what we do here. This is what we create through coaching.

If you believe in a bigger life, a bigger purpose, a bigger mission, join me here.




"Olivia is a respectful and encouraging coach. Her coaching allowed me to move forward with my goals of opening my own studio and finally leave all of the old excuses behind. After years of “one foot out the door,” I have the insight, knowledge and ability to move forward fully."

 Patty T., Yoga studio owner, Washington



Still want to know more?

Here are the facts:

  • I have Bachelor’s Degrees in Education, Special Education and Spanish and a Master’s Degree in Leadership
  • I was trained and certified through the Center for Coaching Certification
  • I was awarded as a “Highly Effective Teacher” in Washington, D.C. the year I decided to incorporate coaching techniques, meditation, yoga and self-care into my curriculum on a daily basis. 
  • I have worked with and been trained by some of the best business and leadership coaches in world
  • Before hiring business coaches, I had taught myself how to start and run my first business, which I sold in 2012.
  • I founded Natural Greatness Coaching, LLC in 2012
  • I have coached teen girls and young women in schools across the U.S. 
  • I have been called bold, ambitious and a leader since I was a child. This high-caliber, limitless mentality also drives my coaching style. I use this loving energy to help my clients reach major milestones and bust through whatever blocks are in the way of their success. 
  • I face problems head-on in all relationships. When things come up, they are worked out; no “sweeping under the rug” and no ignoring the issue.
  • I have helped over 100 people start and grow business. I have worked with: coaches, consultants, advertising agents, yoga instructors, studio owners, travel agents, authors, lawyers, childcare providers, environmentalists, restauranteurs, artists, coffee shoppe owners, healers, psychics, nonprofits and more. 
  • I serve as the Executive Director of Training and Development at Inner Glow Circle. Click here to read more about this internationally recognized Life + Business Coach Training Program. 
  • I also serve as the Director of Inner Glow Circle's Goddess Circle Initiative. Goddess Circle is a free monthly gathering for women focused on growing in friendship and modern spirituality. To learn more or find a Goddess Circle near you, please visit us here.