If you are a new coach, veteran coach or looking to add coaching techniques/services to your current business model, private training may be for you.

With a Master Coach Certification, ICF ACC Credentials, plus founding an internationally recognized Coach Training Program through Inner Glow Circle, I can support you in becoming a truly phenomenal coach.


Private Training is for you if you...

Are looking to improve your coaching skills

Would like support/feedback on your current coaching abilities (yes, we listen to recorded calls!)

Want to become ICF Credentialed and need Mentor Coaching Hours to complete this process

You want to make being coach in the world a priority

You've been coaching with no real training and want to learn some tools, techniques and strategies in service of creating more powerful client experiences and results

You believe that professional development is key to sustainability

You want to learn some key coaching skills to support your client conversations and sales conversations in another business or career


How does it work? 

Private Training sessions are based on The ICF Core Competencies, coaching best practices and above all, your unique areas of need when it comes to being coach and running a coaching business. In our initial consultation, we will create a plan based on your individual training needs, gaps, areas of concern and/or your desire to use hours towards an ICF Credential. 

Private training is offered in 5-session packages or 10-session packages. Each session is 60-minutes.

Once you apply and are accepted, we will have a 30-minute free call to plan out the training sessions based on your needs, we will then schedule all training sessions.


Once you enroll, you will also receive:

Email support in between training calls.

Access to our shared google folder that contains our training plan as well as any training tools or resources that will support your learning and advancement

All of our recorded calls so that you can go back and listen for further learning and clarity

Discounts! A free month of coaching with registration into The Empowered Entrepreneur program OR $150 off of The Expand Intensive (must enroll within 30-days of completion of training sessions)


What is the investment?

(5) Private Training sessions for $1199

(10) Private Training Sessions for $1999



Are you a current IGC member?

Save an additional $150 off of 5 sessions of $200 off of 10 sessions.


Ready to get started?

Please fill out the form below. You will hear from my team within 48 hours and if it's a fit, we'll send you over enrollment form and schedule our first 30-minute call.

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