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My course designed to help coaches create new and exciting streams of revenue in their business is now available!

I've started and expanded two coaching businesses in the past five years, and I've literally NEVER relied on only one income stream as a coach. I stand behind my belief that your business will be more sustainable if you don't either! 

Click here to check out Expand Your Coaching Empire if you're ready to get beyond the cookie cutter coach business model of serving only 1:1 clients, or read on for lots of free goodies! 


Rock Your Referral Network

Mark Zuckerberg says,

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”

So, want to amp up the referrals you get to your business? Download this guide if you want to create and grow a powerful referral network as a lead source for your amazing biz!


100 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Coaching Clients 

Are you a coach or considering becoming one?

Do you know the types of questions to ask your clients (or future clients)?

I have compiled my absolute favorite, most transformational coaching questions in the areas of life, business, career, relationships and health/wellbeing for a total of 100 questions to help your clients bust through limiting beliefs and create long-lasting change.

Grab my totally free "100 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Coaching Clients" here.


CEO Annual Goal Chart

This is the annual goal chart that I use and often work with my clients on as well.

I am giving this chart away as a fully editable download, since customization here is KEY. On page 4 of the document is a partially completed example, so you can take a look at how this system really works.

This chart will help you look at your desired annual impact + income, break them down into quarterly milestones, monthly goals and weekly actions.

Get to it, lady boss!




Energetically Aligned Weekly Goals

Ditch the overwhelm and lack in your business by focusing on Joy, Abundance and Support.

Use this Weekly Goals sheet to help you focus on not only what you want to create in your business, but how you want to feel while doing it.

Nobody quit corporate just to get equally as overwhelmed in their own biz, right? 

The Design Your Dream Life Guide


Not sure what you even want in life + biz? Seriously, you need. this:


Do you feel like something is missing for you in life, love, career or business?


Use this tool to figure out exactly what you are looking to create. 
The universe is craving your clarity!

Make Your Own Rules: Marketing Edition (updated!)

cover for make your own rules marketing ed.jpg

Ready to uplevel your marketing game while also accessing a higher level of ease and flow? Stop doing everything and start having fun...isn't that why you began the entrepreneurial journey anyway?!

. Download my free e-book to get started.

Free for a limited time only! 

The Empowered Coach Collective

The intention of this group is to focus on resources, professional development and support for new, aspiring and veteran coaches. This will be a place to talk about how to lead a coaching business with integrity, purpose and support as well as plenty of resources and professional development opportunities to support your growth as a coach or as a service provider who utilizes coaching techniques.


Join a Goddess Circle!

Getting out from behind your laptop screen and into the world is good for the soul. If you are looking to meet up with like minded women for high-vibe conversations, meaningful connection and local sisterhood, this is a must! 

Join the Goddess Circle Facebook group and find a circle near you. Over 20 circles worldwide and counting! 

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