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Meet Laura

The Olivia Pope of Assistants, The Goddess of Flow

Laura is an eternally optimistic & wickedly funny creative. She finds joy in good books, cute dogs, great wine & travel adventures. She also enjoys working with clients, cranking out content like a boss, and streamlining processes. Give her a problem and she will solve it. Except a Rubik's Cube. She doesn't understand the fascination with Rubik's Cubes.

Reach out to Laura with general consultation questions, questions about coaching/training, scheduling, partnership or arranging for speaking engagements/events. 

If you're a current client in need or scheduling or billing assistance, she's your person. Reach her at laura@oliviamchapman.com.




Think you would make a great addition to the team? We love bringing high-vibe geniuses and cause-focused collaborators on board. Email Laura@oliviamchapman.com for more info.