The New Coach Necessities

All the tools, templates and resources that you need to go from business plan to active coaching practice!

Handbook for new life coaches and business coaches, New Coach Necessities
  • Business Plan Template
  • MUST HAVES to begin coaching (legally and ethically!)
  • Online visibility tips, ideas and checklists 
  • Social Media 101 
  • Example daily schedule for coaches
  • High-Converting Opt-In Ideas
  • Sample client-check in forms
  • Sample client application questions
  • How to create a dynamic coaching package
  • How to price your services and collect the $$ for them
  • How to manage your coaching income
  • Client intake forms
  • Sample coaching contract 



And the best news!

This product is available to EVERYONE who wants to run a profitable, professional and active coaching practice-just pay what you can to get started NOW!


Welcome Coaches! 

I'm Olivia M. Chapman, Life and Business Coach and Executive Director of Coach Training at Inner Glow Circle. If you are a new coach, or perhaps even a veteran coach who hasn't gone full force into your coaching practice yet--this kit will change that right away!

I know what it feels like to be confident that you are a total rockstar coach but not feel like you have the resources and tools to actually create a thriving practice. 

You're trained, you're ready to get out in the world but you're totally unprepared when it comes to the logistics of it all. 

Deep breath, coach--I've got you! I've compiled ALL of the resources that you need to go from business plan to active practice (and it's your lucky day because I also threw a business plan template in here, too--just in case!). 

This kit is everything that I give to my private clients for a fraction of the cost. Checklists, how-to's, client intake forms, client check-in forms, a sample contract and so much more. 

Don't let the logistics hold you back! Your clients are waiting and the world is waiting to experience your impact. 




Take a look inside...

"A Must Have Kit for Coaches"

If you're sick of scouring the New Age Wild West (I mean Facebook), googling 10 million different things for your coaching biz and opting into tons of lists to hodge-podge together your resources...permission to cease your search, granted. 

This kit has the tools, resources, worksheets and checklists that you need to literally activate your practice, like now! 

You name the price, and you can literally save yourself hours of time and ultimately be in a prime position to start taking on all of the clients that you desire.

Tampa Life and Business Coach for Entrepreneurs Olivia Chapman

Still not sure? Don't just take it from me!

"I loved this kit! Even though my coaching program provided me with similar forms, yours were so much more inviting and really gave me a good idea on how I could take the outline from these forms and make it something that truly reflected me as a coach. I also loved the fact that though I established my business over a year ago, this kit gave me ideas on how I could continue to grow and evolve my business. This kit is a MUST."

--Kacey Hartung

Handbook for new life and business coaches, New Coach Necessities digital download

A little bit more about me

My work in the world is to partner with you to cultivate your power, turn your dreams into reality and ultimately transform them into a purposeful and profitable (yes!) businesses. 

When I started coaching, I was trained and certified through the Center for Coaching Certification. I taught myself how to start and run my first business, which I sold in 2012. Since then, I have hired, worked with and been trained by some of the best business and leadership coaches in world. 

I have helped over 100 people start and grow business. I have worked with: coaches, consultants, advertising agents, yoga instructors, studio owners, travel agents, authors, lawyers, childcare providers, environmentalists, restauranteurs, artists, coffee shoppe owners, healers, psychics, nonprofits and more. 

I have been called bold, ambitious and a leader since I was a child. This high-caliber, limitless mentality also drives my coaching style. I use this loving energy to help my clients reach major milestones and bust through whatever blocks are in the way of their success. 


Let's get you out there, coach.