Tara Newman

Business and Leadership Coach


Meet Tara...

Tara Newman is a Business and Leadership Coach who has been developing top performers and business change makers for 15+ years. 


She works with ambitious and successful female leaders who want to reduce overload, step into their next level of success and lead extraordinary, fulfilling lives.  She helps them see that they can have it all, without doing it all.


Tara and her clients are motivated by making an impact, and doing work that matters in the world. 


Experiencing a serious case of burn out had a massive impact on Tara and self-care has become a foundational part of her message.  Tara lives by and teaches the philosophy that we can do big, purposeful things without losing our health, sanity or family.  


Creating success, wealth, and impact with ease and on your own terms is the authentic and sustainable framework she embodies.  Tara believes in leading wholeheartedly from a place of strength and transparency. 


She holds her Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University.


How to Reach Her

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