Create your custom coaching package and become the Empowered Entrepreneur you want to be. 


Does any of this sound familiar?

"I really want to do something that makes a difference in the world."

"If I get just get (insert # of clients here), I could quit my day job."

"I want to work for myself and actually do something that is meaningful"

"I started this business to make a difference, but I'm totally stuck"

"I have lost track of what I'm even doing with my business and am so frustrated from working tirelessly with little results"

"How am I supposed to change the world if no one is even interested in what I'm offering?"


To be straight up with you, it doesn't have to be so hard; that goes for your business and your life.


What would happen if you chose, ease, flow and joy?

What would happen if you started choosing from EMPOWERED rather than frustration, lack or overwhelm? 

How would your life change if you woke up to a business and life that not only had massive impact on the world but also was fun and actually created more than enough money for you and your family? 

How would it feel to leave any side jobs, 9-5's or "bridge job" that was misaligned with your purpose and just plain boring? 


Shifting from desperation into dream life isn't that far away. It's only a matter of choice.

If you are ready to start choosing as the Empowered Entrepreneur that you are meant to be, keep reading.


What does an Empowered Entrepreneur walk away with?

We create a custom coaching plan and package based on how  you want to work and how much you want to generate in your business.

We create a vision for your life and business based on what you want to create.

We map out a plan and timeline to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

We partner to remove the blocks, fears or ways of thinking that may have stopped you in the past. (You know that whole, "most businesses fail", "I'm not good enough", "I can't afford help", "I don't know what to do" stuff? Yeah, that's gonna be outta here real fast.).

We may also...

Create a comprehensive business plan that will be the basis for our inspired actions, sales, partnerships, growth and scaling.

Take a close look at your website copy, prices/packages, services and marketing content to ensure that your message and offerings are aligned to you, your brand and your intended impact in the world.

Develop a marketing plan that is fun, authentic and actually gets you the results you want.


“When Olivia and I began our work together I was crying, terrified. I needed big accountability and was totally afraid of what I actually wanted. I was scared about building my coaching biz. I wanted to so badly, but really felt unworthy. I felt like I wasn’t ready, like I didn’t know what to offer. Like I didn’t even know what steps to take and at what point.

Things changed the moment Olivia said, “Do you trust me? Will you let me be in bold partnership with you?” This was one of the most powerful experiences of the last year. Having to say yes. Actually feeling it. Surrendering to it. That’s what was so powerful.

Then, hello. I have 13 clients right now. In two months. That feels amazing.

I am continuing to grow my practice through our work and I want my impact and reach to touch hundreds of women that are in my practice and also in my life.”
— Jessica Leigh Lyons,

What does the coaching relationship look like?

Being, feeling and acting from empowerment looks different for every entrepreneur, therefore no two coaching packages are alike.

During your free 30 minute consultation we will look at:


What is your vision?

What is your "by when" for making it happen?

What is your desired monthly income? 

What ROI would you like to create in the time we are together?

With that in mind, we craft a package and a custom price based on you and your business. 


So what could our coaching relationship look like? 

Typically, client packages include some or all of the components below:

1:1 coaching calls: These calls (typically between 30-90 minutes based on your needs) are where we dive in deep, not just into what you are doing, but who you are being. We break down limiting beliefs and anything holding you back in order to have the space to start taking action in your business.

1:1 consulting/mentorship calls: Slightly different from coaching, these calls (typically 30-90 minutes based on your needs) are where you have access to not just my coaching brain, but my "how-to" and "best practices" brain as well. You can ask me anything and we can collaborate and plan your next moves together.

1:1 coach training: as an ICF-Credentialed mentor coach and Director of Inner Glow Circle's (IGC) ICF-ACSTH Coach Training Program, I offer 1:1 mentor coaching hours as well as private training sessions. Additionally, if you need a full coach training course--we can make that happen through partnership with IGC.

An assortment of tools and resources:

New Coach Necessities. It's packed with valuable information, and contains all the tools, templates and resources that you need to go from business plan to active coaching practice (Not a coach? There is plenty here for non-coaches, too!). 

Discovery Calls 101. Geared towards coaches and consultants, but valuable for all, this e-book teaches you how to get on the phone with potential clients and what to say should they have objections to the sale.

Exclusive Business Building Tools that only my 1:1 clients have access to. From business plan templates, marketing plans, content calendars, market research questionnaires, sales scripts and more!

Access to me via Voxer: This voice texting service is great for entrepreneurs who don't need regularly scheduled calls, but need ongoing daily or weekly support. Access to Voxer means that we can check in daily (M-F) for quick bits of support as needed.

Access to Expand Your Coaching Empire: my latest digital course for coaches and consultants who want to create a multiple income stream business model.

Access to Inner Glow Circle: Inner Glow Circle (IGC) is a monthly mastermind for female entrepreneurs. As Co-Founder and Director of Coach Training at IGC, I can attest to the power of working with like-minded women and "working for yourself, not by yourself". IGC offers up to 10 calls/week that you will have access to as a mastermind member.

Access to a shared google folder that contains your timeline, weekly accountability chart as well as serves as a place for uploading any and all business-related work that needs a pair of editing eyes, constructive feedback, strategic advice or loving acknowledgment.

All of our recorded calls so that you can go back and listen for further learning, clarity and inspired weekly actions.

Serious amounts of bold and unwavering support for building a business and life that feels good and makes a difference.


What does this cost?

First off, this is an investment, not a cost. It's an investment in your business and yourself. Therefore, you should look at this as: "I need to put X in, to get X out". For everyone this is different. Packages start as low as $99/month and can also be up to $2,000/month. When we connect on a consultation we take a look at your specific business needs and goals and put together a package that feels expansive and slightly scary--while also feeling in alignment for you and your desired results.

Note: All packages require a 90-day minimum commitment per International Coach Federation's (ICF) research on best practices. 

What's the ROI? (Return on Investment)?

When it comes to a coaching partnership, there is a shared responsibility for both of us to show up powerfully. As your coach, I will supply the container for major development both personally and professionally. You will have access to all of my knowledge, support and tools as well as my network. With all of this support, it is still up to you to follow through with your commitments and actions in between our calls. It is also your responsibility to reach out and ask for the support that you need.

Ultimately, if you put our work into action and practice, the return on investment is limitless. 


Here are some ways that my clients have created an ROI:

  • Going from zero clients to 14+ 
  • Well developed offers/services that are fun and easy to sell to dream clients 
  • Profits (just profits, here!) of over 6 figures in year one of business
  • Creation and sales of passive income products such as e-books, branded products and kits 
  • Development of virtual courses and a complete sales funnel to support them
  • Leaving 9-5's and going full-time in their biz
  • Creation of high-converting opt-ins and organic list building growth of 2000+ within a few months
  • A scalable business model that feels in alignment and is profitable
  • Membership sites with active, paying members
  • Speaking gigs, media interviews, tv segments and magazine features
  • Creation and enrollment for signature workshops
  • The official "laptop lifestyle" of work, travel and experiencing life while still making the money they desire
  • A well-developed business plan to present to potential investors
  • Founding of non-profits and ability to invest in/sponsor charity projects 

...and an overall level of greater satisfaction, ease and joy while in business for themselves. 

This program is about profit, but it's also about purpose. It's about creating joy and a life that you don't want to run away from. It's about pursuing your wildest business and life dreams and actually enjoying it. It's about creating a life that allows you to give back to our families, our communities and to the causes that are closest to our hearts. 


Note: a percentage of all products and services sold monthly are donated in my clients' names to charities of their choice. We take giving back seriously around here.

The most exciting moment for me was when I realized the answer to generating new clients and increasing my income was within myself. Olivia worked with me on who I was being. She helped me discover I had a money story that was preventing me from getting paid. It sounds crazy, but simply changing my beliefs about myself and money opened new doors of possibility and allowed me to breakthrough my limiting beliefs. I noticed a change almost instantly.

I doubled my business and had my highest revenue month to date.

Olivia provided me with the tools I need to stay on a continued track to success. I can always refer back to our notes when I feel stuck. I see my business continuing to grow bigger than I thought was possible. I highly recommend working with Olivia. She is incredible and I plan on working with her again in the future!”
— Lindsay Hunt,

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