Their stories, their missions, their love.

Each and every client's journey is unique. Read on to see just a handful of incredible experiences that my former clients have accomplished during our time together! 

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Madelyn Vita - Life & Business Coach

"Olivia is a powerhouse coach and trainer with the ability to change perspectives and create powerful mindset shifts! She continuously brought me to breakthroughs when I felt stuck or defeated. Being a solo entrepreneur is hard, but Olivia always kept me moving towards my goals as a coach and business owner. She provided me with exceptional support and accountability that I reflect into my own coaching practice. She is a perfect example of how truly life changing coaching can be!"

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Jessica C., Marketing Executive, New York City

"Within a few months of coaching with Olivia, I was able to open a new door in my career. My new position has elevated my role and brought me back to my passions. Also, it came with a 40% salary increase! I highly recommend working with Olivia if you are ready to get more out of your life and do meaningful work in this world —whether or not you are in business for yourself or at your workplace!" 

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Melaina Spitzer, Leadership and Impact Coach Founder + CEO, Inner Peacebuilding

"Working with Olivia got me MASSIVE results in my coaching business. When we started I didn't even have a website, but within 3 months I had designed, launched, and filled 15 spots in my new group program. With Olivia's support I built 4 income streams, a thriving coaching practice, and had the highest earning month of my life! Now I can truly be of service to impact leaders and focus on creating transformation in the world instead of worrying about sales. If you're looking to up-level your business and feel loved and supported in the process, jump on this course!"

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Kate Ure, Health, Wellness, & Lifestyle Coach

"From our very first introduction, I intuitively knew that Olivia was going to play a pivotal role in my life, and I was right. Since that first conversation, she became my mentor, trainer, role model, business coach, and spiritual soul sister. There are very few people who can build that "know, like, and trust" factor in one Discovery Call the way Olivia can. 

She has been my mentor because she knows her industry. Like, really knows her industry. Her business, her presence, and her way of evolving to the needs of her clients while considering her own strengths and goals supports this. She was my trainer during my journey through the Inner Glow Circle coach training program. She has been my coach while guiding me from confusion to clarity on how to run my business in a way that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning. 

Hands down, one of Olivia's strongest super powers is bringing vast, etheric concepts down to an earthly level for others to understand, absorb, and make actionable. 

She is the the Super Woman of Business Coaching!"

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Sarah J, Intuitive Consultant, New York City

"When I first started with Olivia, I thought I didn’t actually need the help. I had a clear vision of my business, a gorgeous website and a couple of clients already. I know that what I was offering was great, but after a couple months of struggling, I just couldn’t figure out how to be making the money I wanted to be making.

Within three months of hiring Olivia, I was making back the investment, plus way more. Working with Olivia allowed me to see how I was actually getting in my own way and finally got to the bottom of what was holding me back in client attraction and enrollment. Since working with Olivia, I have been steadily increasing my client load and income —seriously, I would never be without a coach again in business. Best investment I have ever made.” 


ShaynaLee, NYC's Top Career Coach ShaynaLee Coaching, LLC

"What was a plan, became an action; what was a problem, became a possibility; what was a dream, is now a reality. The results I achieved by working with Olivia have laid the foundation for the thriving coaching practice I now run today. Currently, I have a robust individual client roster and I host group workshops and trainings throughout New York City. If you are ready to take that step or even need support with getting ready, I recommend this course without hesitation."

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Barbara Vail, Interior Designer

"Olivia’s passion for coaching is inspiring. She has helped me refocus on my goals and take meaningful action towards them. Though exciting, starting a business can feel overwhelming and anxiety provoking. Olivia has brought me back to my vision and shined a light into the heart of my design business. I am very grateful for her help during my entrepreneurial journey."

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Kacey Hartung, Balanced Heart Coaching

"Two years ago I was at a crossroads knowing I wanted to do more, but not knowing what to do or how to get there.

I am a natural do-er and love to complete a task. After checking many of the boxes, Olivia gave me a new mantra "Less DOING. More BEING". As you can imagine this was tough for me. One day during a session, I mentioned that I was considering branching out into group coaching and/or hosting a workshop. She encouraged me to think on it and we'd discuss it more during our next call. Two days later, a former coworker posted she was looking for a life coach to partner with for an event she was hosting next month. Though it seemed like coincidence, I knew it was so much more than that and my "being" had a lot to do with it.

While working with Olivia, I came to realize how valuable it would be to give my blog readers a safe space to share ideas, fears and challenges. I decided that setting up a Facebook group was the way to best serve my audience. In less than a year, I've been able to grow my group to over 350 members!

You've changed my life in a way that no other coach could have. (It's the truth and you can quote me on that ;-)"

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Rachel Weiss, Life Coach/Health and Wellness Coach

“Olivia is fantastic at getting the creative juices flowing! I had entrepreneurial ambitions but no clear steps to move forward. She was able to get ideas out of me that I didn’t even know were there. Once the ideas were out, she was able to help me pull everything together in a way so that I could start taking action. Incredibly kind and sincere, Olivia is a pleasure to work with."

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Jessica Leigh Lyons, Personal Coach

"When Olivia and I began working together I was crying, terrified. I needed big accountability and was totally afraid of what I actually wanted. I was scared about building my coaching biz. I wanted to so badly, but really felt unworthy. I felt like I wasn't ready, like I didn't know what to offer. Like I didn't even know what steps to take and at what point.

Things changed the moment Olivia said, "Do you trust me? Will you let me be in bold partnership with you?" This was one of the most powerful experiences of the last year. Having to say yes. Actually feeling it. Surrendering to it. That's what was so powerful.

Then, hello. I have 13 clients right now. In two months. That feels amazing.

I am continuing to grow my practice through our work and I want my impact and reach to touch hundreds of women that are in my practice and also in my life."

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George S. Executive Management, Virginia

"Honestly, I began the coaching experience thinking I already knew it all. I was really resistant (my wife pushed for this though!). I had gotten pretty content being ‘less than satisfied’ in my life and career. Olivia helped me to realize that I was actually missing out on a lot of professional advancement, opportunity and happiness that I didn’t even know were possible. Through our work I have moved positions, felt fulfillment that I had never thought possible before and have ultimately improved my life and relationship; life changing to say the least."


Lindsay Hunt, Health and Wellness Coach

"When I first contacted Olivia I was feeling so lost on what to do in my business. I was not profitable and something had to change or I would be heading back to corporate America. Investing in a coach seemed like a huge risk as I already was struggling financially, but I knew something had to give in order for me to turn things around. Olivia put me at ease as she is so warm and friendly as soon as I got on the phone with her. During our discovery call, she helped me look at things from a new perspective and I knew that I had to work with her!

The most exciting moment for me was when I realized the answer to generating new clients and increasing my income was within myself. Olivia worked with me on who I was being. She helped me discover I had a money story that was preventing me from getting paid. It sounds crazy, but simply changing my beliefs about myself and money opened new doors of possibility and allowed me to breakthrough my limiting beliefs. I noticed a change almost instantly. I doubled my business and had my highest revenue month to date.

Olivia provided me with the tools I need to stay on a continued track to success. I can always revery back to our notes when I feel stuck. I see my business continuing to grow bigger than I thought was possible. I highly recommend working with Olivia. She is incredible and I plan on working with her again in the future!"


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