I wish someone told me years ago that “doing what you’re supposed to do” is not the only way.

Who decided what you’re supposed to do anyway?

Fortunately, what I now know is this: following the “rules” doesn’t work for me AND this doesn’t mean I’m a total rule-breaker or rebel. It means that I make up my own rules and operate from creation, not caution; I operate from love, not fear.  

What I didn’t know years ago was that the net I wanted to catch me would actually appear if I leapt. Instead I was caught up in the fears that others had helped cultivate in my mind because…

No one ever told me that:

  • There were opportunities beyond my wildest dreams

  • I get to create my own version of success and happiness

  • College was an option, not the only option

  • Starting a business of my own didn’t mean having to follow a pay scale designed by strangers with special interests

  • I get to choose what I do with my life at any given moment

  • I could live a multi-passionate life AND still thrive

The first time that my freedom of choice really hit me was just after I quit my job. I was heading out the beach with my girlfriends and for the first time in my entire life I was literally speechless; in absolute awe. I remember sitting in traffic to get over the 14th St Bridge, which was my normal route to work-but this time I wasn’t going to work. I was pursuing a life by enlightened choice (say whaaa?!). A life based on what I wanted, based on the core of my being.

For the first time ever I actually chose to do exactly what I wanted. For the first time ever, the thought of other’s opinions didn’t stop me.  It was during this moment when I truly decided to embrace life on my own terms; my possibility was endless.

I had spent my whole life (for the most part), doing what I was supposed to do and crossing out the items on the “successful woman” list that society had written in my mind for the last 25 years.

Don’t get me wrong; my life had for the most part been a blast up to this point. I had a pretty good job, great friends, a series of mediocre but not horrible relationships, a steady savings, a cute apartment and my boobs were perkier than ever. I was crossing things off the successful woman list on a daily basis.

However, something was missing.

I had anxiety to the point of black-outs. My body ached so badly some days that I would have to take prescription strength painkillers to get through class. I couldn’t sleep because of my physical pain but also because of the endless reel of negativity playing in my mind. I needed an IV of espresso to wake up and a Nyquil cocktail to get to sleep.  I had therapists on speed dial and had seen every type of doctor from gastroenterologists, acupuncturists, hypnotists, chiropractors and naturopaths who all, for lack of better verbiage said, “cut down on the stress”.   Um, I’m a hardworking American; stress is my birthright.

(Wait, what?! Now, I can't believe that I believed that!)

Now I live by a different set of beliefs.

→  I regularly commit to choosing sensational over security.

→ I choose fabulous over frantic.

→ I choose bliss over stress and I choose to do whatever feels in alignment with my soul for all decisions in love, in life and in business.

Instead of tuning into what other people think, I tune into what I think. This takes a lot of practice. It takes dimming the noise, the chatter. It takes sitting with myself and my thoughts and getting comfortable being uncomfortable with them. But this is where the magic happens.

My hope for you, sister, is that you know here and now that you are capable and responsible for making your life everything you dream it to be-and that we’re all here to help you make it happen. Stress isn’t a birthright, or even a necessary evil. When we choose love, adventure, and courage-the universe delivers.

You CAN choose your life and your pay scale.

You CAN choose another option.

You CAN live a multi-passionate life, and still thrive.

Now that you know, comment below and tell me what YOU are going to do about it.