To the coach with no clients,

Hi motivated new coach who wants to change the world! Thanks for reading this letter and most of all, for choosing to become a coach. It is this new generation of leaders and service providers that have the power to change sooooo many lives for the better. I’m proud of you, and I want to help you get clients so that you can actually go out and change the lives you are meant to!

First off, let’s not skip over the elephant in the room: Have you actually been through a professional coach training program?

I stand for all coaches to be trained, but I know the reality is that many aren’t. If you aren’t, okay--I don’t believe in the shame game. But I do have to ask: why not? Coach training is often what gives people the confidence to truly stand out as leader, expert and coach. Credentials are important. They are not everything, but they are important. People want to hire someone who they know is an expert in their field and as much as your life experiences add to this expertise, there are coach-specific techniques that are truly transformational when working with clients. Getting trained is a huge asset on a business level, as well; coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now and although I don’t believe in competition, consumers do have a lot of options and questions when it comes to hiring a coach. You may be taking yourself out of the game from the get go if you don’t have the necessary credentials.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: training is not all it takes to be an incredible coach. However, the odds are that if you are an untrained coach with tons of clients and a functional + booming coaching business, you’re probably not reading this right now. So if you’re an untrained coach (or if you KNOW your training was solid but not sufficient) and you’re looking to up your game and get into integrity in your field, trust me: you want to get trained and certified.

Before you even start thinking about objections, I’m going to cut you off. Yes, training is an investment and yes, it takes time, but you know what else takes time? Waiting around for clients and not knowing what to do to connect with them. You know what else takes time? Dealing with unhappy clients who are not getting the results they want because you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m telling you this because I want to support other incredible women in business, not to be harsh. I also want to protect the integrity of this field, and though it’s a fast growing industry, it’s also highly unregulated.

Another great reason to invest in training? Professional training is a business expense according to the IRS and therefore can be accounted as so when you file your taxes. If you were starting a coffee shop or a boutique, you’d need a much larger investment than coach training, so put on your CEO hat, recognize that all business takes investment, and let’s go.

What if you are a coach that is certified but still has no clients? First off, I bow to you, committed coach of integrity and credentials! Next, I’m going to encourage you to do some self-coaching. Ask yourself, honestly: “What’s really going on here?” Take a look deep inside and ask yourself, “What’s in the way of my success?” Perhaps you still have some gaps in your training and development. In fact, we all do and it’s our work to be responsible for these gaps and close them so we can be of service.

So what's in the way? Confidence? Visibility? Fear?

Clear on what’s in your way but not sure about next steps? Do you have a coach of your own? I highly recommend you walk the walk of powerful coaching, and work with your own coach to help you overcome your blocks.

Also, try this on: Act as if you are already a coach with a full practice, a waitlist of future clients and a best-selling book/product/service that is well-known across the personal development world and beyond.

Now go back and read that paragraph again.

One more time.

This time, tweak the vision to what your desires look like as a coach.

Now, if you were to make a decision from that place of feel good energy, what would you do? What would you say? Who would you speak to? How would you talk to people about your services? What would you invest in? Who would be on your support team?

Start embodying her, the powerful and successful coach, NOW. Go BE coach in the world. Confidently reach out to that client that you want to work with so badly. Follow up with those referrals. Write that Facebook post. Email that podcast and pitch them your idea. Share your work with the Uber driver, the waitress, the moms in the pick up line, the women’s group, the softball league, the local news station.

By embodying that coach full of confidence, radiance and light you are becoming a magnet for what you desire.

Go take action from this place. Watch how things shift when we come from “high-powered CEO of our own coaching practice” or “coach and best-selling author” or “six-figure coach”--whatever it is to you. Take action from her, for she is already you and you are already her, whether you see it yet or not.

You’ve got this. If you are meant to change lives, if you are meant to be coach in the world--then go be it. It is your destiny.



P.S. If you need coach training, we are currently enrolling for our 2017 coach training programs with Inner Glow Circle. Our 6-month training includes the foundations of coaching and the business of coaching (plus some 1:1 time with me!). Set up a free call with me here if you want to talk about it. Our coach training program isn’t just for new/aspiring coaches. We have many coaches who join for professional development purposes and to enhance their businesses. To read more about the program, go here.