If you don't know Kelly Atwood, you need to. I met Kelly serendipitously a year and half ago and we have been colleagues, friends and sisters since. Kelly is one of those warm, inviting women that make you feel loved just for being who you are.  Kelly has taught me lessons on money, love, friendship, vulnerability, commitment and so much more. She has held me (literally) through tough times and has always been a model of what it means to BE in your life and business. She teaches women around the world many of these things, too through her coaching work. Kelly is a Success Coach for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs and a stand for women everywhere looking to have financial breakthroughs, ditch the excuses and create massive impact and income. There is NO SHAME in her money game and I highly recommend you take in her words below. Breathe them in, feel into them, close your eyes and soak up the essence of her words; allow yourself to be moved. 

I read Kelly's story below in her recent newsletter and immediately emailed her begging to let me share this here. Kelly, thanks for saying YES and for spreading your love, knowledge and inspiration far and wide.

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What a wild ride!!

One year ago today, I was waking up in my apartment in Austin, just having arrived home the previous evening from a long day of missed flights after an incredible weekend at a wealth retreat.

That weekend in Los Angeles blew me wide open.  After WAY too long struggling in my coaching business, I had finally decided that it was a non-negotiable: I was going to DO THIS THANG, and go after my dreams for a thriving coaching business as if my life depended on it.

And I did.  Of course, nothing changed overnight.  It actually got harder at first, and there were MANY a phone calls made (to my boyfriend, to my parents, to my biz besties), where I told them I was giving up, that it was just too hard.

Thank goodness they believed in me.  Because that place where we feel like giving up, if we push through it, on the other side is usually the very thing we were looking for.

So I rallied.  I took direct action.  I scared the pants off of myself every single day. 

And I succeeded.

On May 22, 2015 in a workshop full of women, I set a goal to make $120,000 by May 22, 2016.  And I did just that.  And then some...

I've learned a lot in the past year, and I want to share it with you today.

We hear a lot about people making their first six figures, and the actual process of getting there.  Rarely do we hear their reflections on it, after the fact.

So, today, I want to share with YOU, everything I have learned through the process of creating my first six figure year.


1) It's never about the money.  Nothing is.  I had heard people say that before, but never quite got it until I was (for the first time in my life) rolling in it, all bills paid, spa treatments booked, fancy steak dinner reservations made.  The cold hard truth, is that all the problems you had before, all the insecurities, the self doubts, the issues, they are still there.  You just have more money.  That's it.  It took me awhile to stop being upset about that, but once the tears were gone, I knew it was time to get to work.  There is great healing in this space, when we have no financial breakdown to distract us anymore from what's TRULY wrong.

2) Changing your relationship to money is simply another access point to developing a stronger relationship with self.  You've got to do some DEEP inner work to transform that relationship, and in the process, you learn more about yourself than could even imagine previously.

3) Money is relative.  You can feel just as broke making a quarter of a million dollars a year than you can earning 10K a year.  The number doesn't mean jack.  It's the way you RELATE to that number.

4) Running a successful, prosperous business is EASIER than running a struggling, empty business.  The less you do, and the more you focus on who you are being, the easier it is to make money and attract clients.  Action is NECESSARY, but it's got to be the right action.

5) Stepping into your power creates visibility, exposure and room for naysayers - and that can be SCARY.  I wasn't prepared for that aspect.  The more successful I became and the more money I made, the more polarizing I became.  There were people who wanted a piece of me.  They wanted to collaborate, interview, hire me, etc.  And then there were some who could not stand my message and my success, and made me wrong for it and said hurtful things.  The experience FORCED me to believe in myself even more, and really stand behind my vision and my message.

6) I learned about responsibility.  Not the kind you think I am talking about.  Once I started to step into my power and share my message with the world, loudly and boldly, I learned how many people actually needed to hear what I had to say.  People would message me out of the blue and tell me how they heard an audio clip I did and how it changed their life.  As I continued to be more and more bold, I learned the truth: I have a responsibility to share my gifts, my message, my teachings.  To not do so for fear of failure would be a disservice to the people who need what I have to offer.  This was the most beautiful lesson from the past year.

So... as I close out this reflection, I feel gratitude.  It was the most challenging year of my life in some respects.  In some ways, it was the easiest.  But this journey of growing and evolving...I wouldn't have it any other way.

As I look forward to the next year, I know what's possible and I have no doubts that my desires will come to fruition.  I'm excited for all that is next and am so grateful for it already. 

I know that YOU are capable of creating whatever you desire in your business as well and I would LOVE to talk about supporting you through that. 

I've got one spot open in my private coaching program and am booking out spots for the rest of the year as well.  If you are interested in applying for my six month private coaching program, Booked, you can do so here.

What will YOUR one year reflection look like?  I urge you to write it out.  Visualize it.  Meditate on it.  Talk about it.  Make a Pinterest board about it.  Take direct action towards it every single day. Leave it here in the comments below.

I believe in you.