I have a full coaching practice, 4 income streams (some of which are passive!), a waitlist for my 1:1 practice and have produced more content and created more connections than ever in the past year. Oh, I also moved twice and had a baby. The best thing is, I’m honestly more relaxed than ever and business for the most part is full of ease and joy (whew!).

No, I do not stay up all hours of the night lurking on Facebook and wondering if anyone saw my posts in the 10,000 entrepreneur groups that I’ve joined. I don’t worry about what’s next for my business and panic that my goals aren’t going to be met. No, my email is not answered at midnight and I don’t feel inundated with pressure to keep up with everyone’s newly obsessed NEED to be highly visible all. the. time. I don’t care that I go a day or two without posting in a Facebook group (but thank God for my beautiful assistant and Hootsuite) and I’ll be damned if I post anything at all on the weekends--unless of course inspiration hits me.

I often have my phone set to “do not disturb” outside of working hours and I sure as hell keep an autoresponder on my email whenever I am on vacation (or staycation, for that matter).

I don’t operate in overwhelm. I don’t believe that overworking gets you anywhere and I do not accept the pressure to keep up with other online entrepreneurs.

The 2007 response I would have to these practices:


Here’s a more detailed and mature(ish) response from 2016’s more enlightened and moderately more well-spoken Olivia: It’s not worth it and it’s NOT sustainable.

I cannot reiterate enough that I did not quit my last insanely overwhelming job just to have it all happen again from the comfort of my home office.

Sure, I’m at home where the coffee never runs dry, the sweatpants are abundant and the wine can be uncorked promptly at 5, but quite honestly, overwhelm will follow you there too if you let it.  Trust me: I used to let it run me, even from my leggings with my snacks, coffee and relaxation candle burning. Yes, overwhelm found me. I worked around the clock. I never put my phone down, I was half-present for most of the conversations with my partner and scheduled calls at all hours of the days and weekends.

I have to say that since baby Knox was born I had quite a wake up call. Time management 101 had to be in full effect. I was not about to miss out on my baby, my sleep or my self-care needs. End of story. Being highly intentional with my time was a non-negotiable and actually has made my entire life and well-being insanely better, more profitable and more peaceful.

How had I forgotten how much I like to have fun, veg out to some RHONY and be social?

Here’s the deal, I’m not a “get rich quick” kinda gal and I’m most definitely not looking to have a one night stand with my biz or my clients. I want a serious long-term relationship with my business, plus I want sustainability, money and fun. I want lots of time. I want to chill out with my man, my baby and my dogs and bask in the opportunities that my business allows for.

I don’t want to be attached to my phone or feel heart palpitations because someone posted in my Facebook group and I didn’t immediately “like, acknowledge, engage”. I definitely do not want to feel any pressure to work on nights and weekends and if I want to go on vacation, I want to go on vacation.

Yes, this is possible. I’m doing it. And guess how it happened? I decided to make it happen. Bam. It all comes down to choice.

I choose highly supported and highly structured.

I have everything I need to run my practice organized and ready to go. (I also bundled this up for you, coach---> right here.)

I choose a time-blocked calendar that 80% of the time operates flawlessly.

I choose to have an assistant who manages my social media and keeps me available for coach and CEO (not manager or social media marketer).

I choose “do not disturb’  outside of working hours and have autoresponders ready to remind others of my boundaries.

I choose to work with a team of other coaches that can take some of the leads, inspire me on a regular basis and share some of the responsibility of running multiple businesses.

Hello, boundaries. Hello, life….I missed you!

I live by the Law of Attraction.

If we attract who and what we are being, then I want to attract ease, joy, abundance, fun and love. I do not want to attract overwhelm, overwork, overtired.

If I want to attract these positive things I must embody them and live by them.

Overwhelmed and overworked are not time-blocked in my calendar and you can have your 2 am email checks. I’ll be sleeping.