First off, good for you if you make 2k, 20k, 200k a month. If you are an entrepreneur and you are truly profiting at all, I bow to you!  Actually profiting your first year or even 5th year in business is BAD.ASS. and worth major acknowledgement. Over 90% of online businesses fail within the first five years so if you are profiting in your first 5, I’ll happy dance with you. You deserve it!


It can be easy to get caught up in the financial comparison mindset, though. If you’re somewhere in the entrepreneur, business services or personal development world, your Facebook feed probably looks similar to mine:


“How I went from broke as a joke to 50k in 3 months”

“From my parents’ basement to Paris photoshoots”

“From 100k in debt to 100k in a single month”

“My 25k launch”

“How I made 75k just by changing my mindset”


It’s like a modern day Cinderella of the online world or something. Rags to Riches 2k16. Somehow, we aren’t achieving success unless we are making and broadcasting six figure numbers.


I have definitely gone back and forth in my mind about whether I should hop in on this trend.


Everyone else is doing it

You have to tell people how much you make to be cool

You should share your income, more people will like you/hire you/admire you

Fit in

Fit in

Fit in,  whined my  ego.


But I just can’t even (yes, still whining). I don’t always buy it and it doesn’t feel right for me. Plus, those snappy headlines don’t actually tell you the whole story. You don’t know how much was invested to create those paydays, so is it even all profit? You don’t know how many of those contracts or pending sales actually came into fruition. You generally don’t get a copy of someone’s P&L chart or a screenshot of their bank statements to accompany the flashy headlines. Maybe I’m letting my inner skeptic shine a bit too much. My point is that you don’t know all the details of anyone else’s success, so there’s no need to compare yourself. Especially when you don’t have all the facts!


I just can’t imagine aligning my success to a flashy number headline. You know that I’m a firm believer in making your own rules so you can make your mark on the world. In order to keep myself in alignment with my goals, I have a rule for myself here: don’t tie your success to a number.


Now, I know that much of this success is valid and more power to these women. I genuinely want every woman to be empowered financially!  It’s not that the success of others bothers me--on the contrary, it actually excites me that this much money is being earned by women and often being invested by women as well. I love not only an empowered entrepreneur but also an empowered investor.


The thing is, I just don’t measure my success that way. Success to me looks and feels very different than a number. Yes, I have income goals and more often than not I surpass them--but this isn’t what moves me. I’m just not about that life; the flash, the luxury, the glossiness of it all doesn’t suit me. I love a good Chanel bag and have not missed a manicure in 15 years but...


I don’t give a shit about having a {enter arbitrary number here}k month. I want my headline to be something like,


“Made more than enough cash to put a down payment on an animal sanctuary”.


So. Not. Sexy.


I know.


Or maybe, “Closed so many deals that I paid off all of my student loans.”


Or how about, “My business bought me the upgraded family SUV’.  


Again, not super sexy.


What IS important to me is that I live in alignment. It just feels better that way. For me, alignment doesn’t look like a fancy photoshoot or a sultry six figure launch. Living in alignment means creating more ease and more life experiences that not only feel good for me, but have a charitable impact on the world. By no means does this make me a saint and I am not at all writing this to shame or question my “20k goddesses”. I literally just can’t fake like I care about that stuff.  So I don’t. That’s it!


Want to get an idea of how much money I make? Here’s a hint, you’ll know I’ve hit 1 million in profit when I own 10 acres of land and a fully functioning pitbull sanctuary.


Until then, my success will remain my secret, and that’s perfectly fine with me. It leaves me space to focus on my skills as a coach and the massive change I create in the lives of my clients.


If numbers light you up, post them (in integrity of course).


If experiences, charity, influence or something else inspires you-share that instead.


Your ideal clients will find you either way, and that’s the beauty of it.