If you are NOT available for raw honesty, you may want to stop reading.

There’s some ickiness going on in the coaching world right now and people are getting hurt. There are people losing money, losing confidence and losing their minds. Coaches are getting bad reputations and clients are getting let down by inexperienced, untrained “coaches” that seem to have all of the answers to their lives’ woes.

Here’s the thing: if someone claims to have all of the answers to your problems--this is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that they are not a trained coach. Confused? That’s okay, but let me break it down for you.

Having life experiences, being able to sell, starting your own business, having been through weight loss, trauma, tragedy, divorce, broken relationships, death or anything else--these are all important parts of your life + your story. However, having these life experiences does not make you a coach.

Being great at sales, business building, dieting, yoga, dealing with loss, or increasing your online visibility...sorry, again those qualities to not make you a coach. A consultant, for sure, but a coach...no.

These areas of expertise (or “niches,” as they are often referred to in the coaching world) can aide in your coaching and in your ability to have true connection with your prospects and clients but it really has NOTHING to do with you being a coach. The fact that you generated $100k in sales or left an abusive relationship or got published by multiple sources are super kick-ass accomplishments. I support you in those accomplishments, truly. But when it comes down to it, none of your accomplishments actually speak to your ability to coach.

Someone who has the magic formula for how to get hired, how to get visible, how to get whatever you want may in fact be the best consultant out there. And consulting is valuable work! But, again, having the magic formula does not imply that they are also a trained or experienced coach.

  • Coaching is NOT leading your client down the same path that you took; whether it worked for you or not.
  • Coaching is NOT giving your clients the answers.
  • Coaching is NOT telling your clients they are right or wrong in what they think or do.
  • Coaching is NOT pushing your beliefs or ways of doing business/life on them.
  • Coaching is NOT buying into our clients’ stories of “I can’t.”

Coaching is something else, something so much more powerful.

  • Coaching is an empowering partnership that invokes possibility and transformation in a client.
  • Coaching is standing for your client’s full possibility and allowing them to discover “the answers” within themselves.
  • Coaching is bold and reflective communication that shifts perspective in service of creating new results.
  • Coaching is an uncovering of desires, beliefs and contexts that drive the way your client thinks, works and acts.
  • Coaching is staying out of your client’s “story” and not buying into their fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Coaching is lovingly, but powerfully, saying the thing that most people won’t say.

Coaching is NOT consulting.

As a coach who also offers packages that include consulting work, I want to be crystal clear that neither role is right or wrong, better or worse. However, I also must say that one does not simply declare that they are a coach. There is an art to coaching, there are skills and training that you must undergo to truly become a coach.

Yes, this industry is unregulated (for the time being), but please keep the above in mind as you look to hire a coach or even market yourself as a coach. Are you truly BEING coach? Showing up as coach for your clients? Is a coach truly who you want to hire?

If you need training, please feel free to pop on over here and set up a free call with me. If you are trained, make sure that you have allllll of the business savvy and structure in place to ensure success by grabbing your New Coach Kit, here.

The world needs more badass coaches. With training and intention, we can all serve our clients in a more powerful way. 


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