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I have a very distinct memory from right before I left my job as a teacher. I remember driving to work and realizing there were was a split in the highway. One way would take me directly to the beach and the other way, the way I was driving, led me to my job.


For a moment, I thought about changing lanes. I thought about just turning on my blinker, aiming for the beach, and not looking back. Funnily enough, I ended up doing just that a few months later. But that’s a story for a different day!


The sea fills me with an overwhelming sense of possibility. Whenever I stand next to the expansive waters, I am forced me to recognize how small my world is in comparison. Beach time always gets my mind and creativity swirling in a major way.


Of course, I don’t regularly run my biz from the beach. I like to work from my office at home where the meals are hot and healthy, the family is easily accessible and the uniform is whatever I feel like. Plus, if you’re trying to run a coaching call from the beach, the breeze and birds can be a little distracting.


But the option is there. I seriously have to pinch myself that I can now have that soulful sea time...anytime. Literally. It’s right outside my door.


Running your own biz allows you to create your own office and choose your commute. You can pick your own lane, just like I did. You have every option available as an entrepreneur--and whether you choose to pursue them or not, there is so much power in knowing that you can. Knowing that whenever you want to, you have the freedom to do, be, and create anything that you choose.


The beauty in working for yourself is not always found in the day to to day adventures, but in the core truth that you are officially living and working on your own terms. Although you may not make it to Bali monthly (or even make the 5 mile drive to the beach), you can if you want to. Breathe in that feeling, especially if you are still in a period of transition. Even if you haven’t fully arrived as a full time entrepreneur, you’re making more and more space in your life to create your dream. And that’s a beautiful thing.


Breathe into the feeling of unlimited office space, unlimited adventure and unlimited freedom.


Call it a daydream, visualization or otherwise--if our thoughts create our actions, why not?


I’m headed to the beach. With my bikini.


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