You are your own most valuable resource.

Nobody can do everything alone. We all know this to be true—but it’s inevitable that we will try anyway. I hope you'll join me in resisting this temptation: it can lead to burn out, FAST! Instead, I'm here to remind you to value yourself, and make supporting yourself (as well as your biz!) a priority.

Simply put, the most valuable thing you can do for yourself is to recognize your worth, and that you don't need to handle everything to be great. After all, you're the only one who can make your big picture biz magic happen, and that's a beautiful thing! Today, I’m sharing three unconventional ways to support yourself, and your business, without losing sight of your worth. 

1)    Ask for help.

Remind yourself that asking for help is not admitting defeat, but rising to a new level of success. You can ask for help from family members and friends, but I also recommend seeking out professionals: whether that's working with a new coach to get your 2016 plan whipped into gear, or hiring a graphic designer to make your new offerings really shine. 

Maybe through collaboration you’ll learn a hard skill like social media scheduling or content creation, and maybe you’ll pick up on a more subtle lesson about working with other professionals, or effective time blocking. Regardless of the details of the situation, there’s always something for you to learn. And your request will help the other person grow and expand their skill set, too! 

2)    Include others in the story. 

Team YOU is heading to the championships. No doubt about that. You have big goals and dreams, and everyone benefits from having more cheerleaders in the stands. Every person you work with professionally, as well as those you connect with personally, is not only a source of business support, but a potential friend or future client!

Invite them to be part of the winning team, in whatever capacity makes sense. Someone you can count on to bring you a snack when you're in full-on deadline mode will feel like the most important person in your life. Truly.

3) Take a nap.

Or a bath, or a trip. The beauty of starting your own business is that you know your employee better than anyone-it’s you! You can (and should!) make decisions that help you perform your best. Taking care of yourself will make you more productive, happier and more excited about projects. You’re going to do your best work when you’re well rested, so stop feeling guilty if you want to hit snooze. Do it, and you'll wake up to kick ass! 

You're incredible. Don't forget to treat yourself like it!