This is the BEST time of year to fill your coaching practice! New Year, New You is where it's at so don't let the New Year go by without taking some bold action to enroll the clients who you know crave deep, transformation change. Coaching is valuable all year long, as we know, BUT there is something magical and inspiring about taking on a new commitment and up-leveling your life, business and/or relationships for the New Year. 

Here are some of my favorite go-to ways to enroll clients in the New Year: 

1. Make a list of 10 people that you want to work with. Maybe they are friends of friends, old acquaintances, people you've done consultations with in the past or people you've interacted with in Facebook groups, Reach out to them directly and invite them to a consultation. Draft a strong and powerful invitation (Think: Activate inner CEO/rockstar), make it personal and unique to the individual and also add a reference as to how your service can specifically support them. 

2. Create a New Year/Holiday offer to share with your list, FB group and/or network. Maybe you have a discounted session rate, offer a bonus for anyone who signs up for the New Year or even throw in an extra session to someone who commits to a package with you. It's the season of giving AND approaching the season of new goals and resolutions--create something unique and share it with intention. Got biz besties, colleagues or friends who love what you do? Have them share this offer, too! Endorsements are everything.

3. Tap into referrals and offer a fun holiday gift! Now, I don't want my uncle or sister to hire me, BUT I do know that they have powerful networks of friends and individuals who may be a perfect fit for either my holiday offer (above) or my services altogether. Also, those past clients who absolutely adored working with you can also be great sources for referrals.  'Tis the season for a loving happy holidays email that also invites them to send referrals your way. I also like to throw in a little holiday gift for any referrals they connect me with that sign up. Not everyone will accept the gift, and that's okay! I would also consider offering a donation to a charity of their choice or something that makes more sense depending on who is doing the referring. Some referrals gifts I've given before include gift cards, book bundles and charitable donations. 


What other ways can you get the word out about your coaching services? Feel free to join the conversation on Facebook in The Empowered Coach Collective, here