In business, life and love we go through ups and downs, ebbs and flows. The good can be great, but the rough patches…eh, not so much. One moment, you’re totally vibin’ with your lover, the next minute things are “off” and you can’t seem to reconnect. Perhaps last month your business was rockin’ and this month you just aren’t closing deals and connecting with the right clients. Things get in the way of our flow all the time; they knock us off kilter and throw us for loops-this is totally normal, we’ve all been there. 

If you’re feeling down and out and are ready to get back on the up and up, here are 4 things you can do right now:

1. Amp Up Your Self-Care Practice: What are you doing for YOU? When was the last time you spent an hour just taking care of yourself. Whether it’s an at home mani-pedi, a guilty pleasure read in a pile of blankets or a full-on trip to the spa, put the focus back onto YOU. You are your greatest asset, you deserve a bit of pampering and extra attention. Whether you are running a business, launching a new project, chasing after your children or just have a full list of “to-dos”, take a break and take care. 

2. Get Back In Touch With Your Vision: Maybe you have a vision board for your business or you have something written out about what you are creating in this world. Go back and look at that, add to it if necessary and get back in touch with the reason why you started on your path in the first place. Maybe your rut isn’t stemming from business; perhaps it’s coming from a relationship, family or even personal health and wellness. If you feel like shit in a certain area, start envisioning what you actually want to create there. Make a board or write it out; the comfort is in the clarity. 

3. Consider Your Communication:  The often frustrating part about relationships, is that you really only have control over you and how you respond to everyone in your life (or everyone that you are trying to call into your life). Whether you are communicating to call in new clients for a business, to have a meaningful conversation with a friend or family member or even to have a “what are we?” conversation with the new man (or woman) in your life, you gotta get clear about what you want. Are you asking for exactly what you are looking for? Most often, when we are in a rut, it’s because we are not getting what we want in some aspect of life. The only way to get what you want is to be clear about what that is and ask for that. 

4. Connect with your soul sister (or soul bro): Got someone in your life that always brightens your day and makes you feel better about ummm, everything? Get in touch with that bright light in your life and allow their luminosity to shine a bit on you. Call your girlfriend for a wine night or a virtual tea party, grab your best bro and go on an adventure. I know firsthand that it can be tough to seek support, especially when you need it most. Just suck it up, hit up one of your biggest fans and enjoy their company and the positive vibes they give off.

BONUS TIP! Go cuddle something cute and/or fuzzy: Got a furry friend of your own? Get to cuddling! If not, maybe there is a pet adoption center or event near you, go hold a puppy-seriously! Does one of your friends have a cute little baby for you to babysit? Call her up and head on over. There is something magical and rejuvenating about spending time with cozy, cuddly bundles (of the canine, feline or human-kind), instant therapy!