Lately, manifesting has been a huge topic of conversation amongst my friends as well as on social networks and in the coaching community. I have been watching a lot of videos, reading books, blogs and articles and the topic has reinvigorated my focus and awareness of all of the positive energy and occurrences flowing into my life--and theres been a lot, like a whole ton actually.

Positive things are happening because I am making them happen. I know this might sound a little crazy if it's new to you, but stay with me. You can truly have anything that you want, you just need to be very clear about what that is. There are a few steps in the process of manifesting:

First off, you must go through the process of self-discovery and uncover what your goals are. 

Realizing and clarifying your goals is essential to the process because if we don't know what we are aiming towards, how will we know when we get there? Once I decided that I was ready to go for it, I hired my first life coach. With her guidance, I made a vision board and a timeline and got super motivated to start living a life that I designed and that I loved. She guided me through writing out my goals and getting really clear on exactly what I wanted and how I would get there.

Next, it's time to break away from your negative beliefs. 

Once my goals were outlined, I spent months cleaning out my head and learning how to live the life that I wanted . In order to do this, I had to put away my survival mechanisms and call myself out for my fears, insecurities and negative belief systems. This was the hard part; it took a lot of time, patience and discipline. It seemed so much easier at times to just revert back to my old ways of thinking and living. For someone who spent her whole life (up until recently) thinking that I wasn't good enough for the career I wanted or that I was not rich enough, smart enough, or pretty enough, breaking through these barriers was challenging and definitely didn't happen overnight. Don't get me wrong, I still have to remind myself to be aware of negative beliefs popping up from time to time, but no longer do I let them take over and stray me from the abundant life that I want.

Start living the abundant life that you want.

If you want abundance, embody abundance. Declare who you are and the life that you want and start being that way. Once I realized I wanted to be a coach, and I finally got over everything that was holding me back I had to declare to the universe and myself that this is who I am, and this was the life I would be living. I started talking about it, I start being about it....and abundant things started happening. And, the best part...I started really noticing all of these beautiful things. My mind was less weighed down by all of the bad things that could happen and was more energized by all of the wonderful things happening. The clear goals that I had outlined starting becoming a reality and many aspects of my life starting working in tune with my action plan and timeline. I started talking about the career I had created for myself and the message that I was working to get across to my potential clients and people in the coaching community was being well received.

What we receive from the universe is a reflection of what is inside of us and what we put into the universe. When we start to radiate our pure essence and our life's purpose through our work, through our communication and through our relationships, we start to receive abundant support in return. This takes a lot of focus and hard work and will not happen overnight! Remember, its not magic...its manifesting!