Our guest blogger this month is Jessica Chapman, an ADgirl from Eric Mower Agency in New York. As a Gen Y-er, Jessica brings valuable key data about Gen Y to her clients, helping them engage and connect with the coveted market. Jessica provides strategic guidance, ensuring that business and marketing objectives are met with a specific interest in building each company's brand.  She also continues to support new business initiatives and provide strategic counsel to EMA’s New Moms and Health Services specialty groups. Catch up with her on twitter @brandblondie or read her blog posts for EMA here.

Often a marketer is tasked with helping a company to define or redefine their brand. Contrary to popular belief, a brand is not a logo, name or typeface. Marketing expert Seth Godin defines a brand as the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Think about your must-have, most favorite, can’t live without products. What sets them apart from the competition? You may even find yourself paying a higher price for a particular product because of this sub-conscious connection. That’s the power of a brand.


Behind every must-have brand there are key elements defined by the company which serve as table stakes for all marketing and communications. You may be wondering, what does this have to do with me and my pursuit of happiness? In a word, everything. Using the fundamentals of building a brand can be directly applied to building yourself. By defining your brand, you can set forth the tone a

nd strategy to support your goals, whether personal or professional.

Here are three steps to get you started:

1.Position yourself
Think about your unique value as a person or business, what is that special differentiator that only you can offer? By acknowledging the context of your dreams and your unique offerings, you will set the stage to achieve your goals. Start identifying yourself by what you bring to the table; you’re not just an employee, mom, wife or business owner. At Natural Greatness, they work with clients to discover their uniqueness, which may sometimes feel buried under life’s clutter!

2.Define your promise
A brand promise is the single most important thing that a company promises to deliver to its customers. Think about your goals, what is the one thing that is essential to moving those dreams forward? If you are building a services company, perhaps you promise the customer always gets a call back within 24 hours. If you’re working to become a better partner, maybe you promise to spend a few minutes each day listening and sharing.

3.Build brand personality
Owning your personality is one of the greatest strengths you can bring to any goal or venture. That being said, it’s important to define your best attributes and what you want to be known for as a person or business. Pick 5 traits to describe your ideal self or business and write them down. Remember, it’s okay to pick traits that may not fully describe you now. It’s about achieving a new level of greatness, and by mapping out how you want the world to see you, you can work towards bringing those traits to life.

Exploring these key elements can help you tackle your goals with clarity and meaning, and today’s a perfect day to start building a brand of you.