Its the middle of March, why the heck are they warning me of another potential snow storm this week? Depending on your geographic location, you may or may not be feeling the wrath of mother nature this year. Here in DC, it's like a boxing match between winter and spring and winter just keeps coming out on top.

As I began to plan a fun weekend of outdoorsy spring activities like dog walking, farmer's market wandering and outdoor coffee sipping, my plans got side-lined by the threat of more frigid temps and snowfall.

I don't necessarily have seasonal depression, but I will say that I am ready for the next season to step up its game. While we wait for spring to show its pretty face, I thought I would share with you a few fun tricks to kick the blues and start readying for springtime bliss.

  • Spring-ify your style. Don't worry about looking cray-cray with some bright pink nails or floral tops. If the colors brighten up your day and make you feel beautiful, go for it. Besides you can always throw a scarf around your neck or pair your flowy top with your favorite blazer. You will stay warm, yet feel cool. Spring technically starts in March anyway, right?

  • Listen to your fave songs from high school or college spring break. Music has a way of evoking feelings and what better feeling is there than remembering the good 'ol days? Take your iTunes or Spotify playlist to the next level by loading it up with songs that bring back happy memories of warmer days, sun-kissed skin and of course, youth! (Here's a special song to those of you reading this that spent their spring break with me, Myrtle Beach circa 2004.)

  • Make your fave spring or summer dish. Heck, throw on a little sundress or some board shorts in the kitchen while you're cooking up something yummy. No one says that a burger, corn on the cob or a fresh fruit salad is only enjoyable on the patio in the warm weather. Yes, it would be nice to eat outside and sip something refreshing while the aroma of the grill fills the air, I get it! Fire up the grill anyway and throw on your snow boots, or turn the oven to broil- whatever it takes. Trust me, grilled salmon with a mango and avocado salsa and a side of sangria will warm you up (and cheer you up) on any frigid day.